At Willie’s Ranch (Au Ranch à Willie)

voir en francaisI heard Zachary Richard’s song Le ranch à Willy (Willie’s Ranch) some years ago. I thought the ranch was maybe a « whiskey bar » in Louisiana. But I found out that it was in fact a television program in Québec. As Richard himself has said,

My first TV appearance was in 1974 on the program «Le ranch à Willy» in Montréal. Willy Lamothe, the host, was and remains for me the greatest of country-western singers in Québec.

And that’s how I discovered the phenomenon of country music in Québec — and also Willie Lamothe, who practically created la musique western (as it’s known in French-speaking Canada).

This music still thrives, as you can see each September at the festival de Saint-Tite, or via a playlist I just found on YouTube: Franco-Country (89 songs!).

But I want to get back to Zachary Richard’s song. For me, it’s a fond homage to Willie Lamothe and his broadcast: a singer (perhaps not a very good singer) dreams of becoming a star.

Here it is, sung by Revanche.

La nuit avant que je m’endors
Je ferme mes yeux très très fort,
Et je vois la scène et tous les gens devant.
Derrière le rideau, j’entends tous les bravos,
Dès que je joue mon premier accord.

Last night, just before I fell asleep
I closed my eyes tight
And I could see the scene, with all the people out front
From behind the curtain, I could hear all the bravos
As soon as I play my first chord

Quand moi je vais chanter au Ranch à Willie,
Huit heures et demi le mercredi au soir.
Tout le monde sera mon ami
Avant neuf heures moins quart,
Ils ne riront plus quand moi je vais devenir star.

When I get to sing on Ranch à Willie
At 8:30, Tuesday evening
Everybody’s going to be my friend
Before a quarter to nine
They’re won’t laugh any more when I’m a star.

Dans un rêve la Sainte Vierge est venu me visiter,
Habillée en blanc, ma couleur préférée.
Avec ses beaux yeux bleus, pendant que je lui tenais chaud,
Elle confirmait ce que j’ai toujours su.

In a dream, the Blessed Virgin came to visit me
Dressed in white (my favorite color)
With her beautiful blue eyes, while I looked at them warmly,
She confirmed what I’ve always known


La première des journaux le lendemain matin
Parlera de l’arrivée d’un grand chanteur.
Mais je ne vais pas me gonfler, ni oublier mes amis
Qui étaient là pour moi la première fois.

The first editions, the morning after,
Will talk about the arrival of a great singer
But I’m not gonna get a big head, or forget my friends
Who were there for me the first time.


Ca fait laissez les se moquer
De ma coupe de cheveux et de mes habits,
Et de mon grand nez très bizarre.
Quand ils viendront pour acheter leurs billets,
L’affiche dira: “Complet, tant pis, trop tard.”

So let them make fun of me —
Of my haircut and my clothes
And my strange, big nose —
When they come to buy their tickets
The sign’s going to say, « Sold out, too bad, too late. »

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